Induquimica was created in 1989 with the purpose of supplying high quality printing products for the offset and flexo industry.

In 2000 Induquimica implemented the ISO9001:2000 quality certification. This decision was taken to achieve a better understanding of the needs and demands of its customers, and to have the opportunity to enter markets where demand for quality certification was a requirement.

Induquimica products and services made them a reference in the Portuguese market and a strong partner for it's suppliers and clients.

With a 6 salesmen force, Induquimica has a constant presence in the printing market, covering the entire country from North to South, and islands.

The close relationship with their suppliers, enabled Induquimica to introduce in the Portuguese market innovations that help clients to achieve better and differentiated results.


Since 2011 that Induquimica has been awarded the  €œPME Lí­der label that distinguishes the best SMEs based in Portugal. Qualifying companies are proposed by one of seven major banks in Portugal and must meet certain criteria.

With these awards Induquimica gains visibility that makes it more attractive to other actors in the market, such as banks and suppliers, and gets better access to finance conditions and several financial and non-financial benefits.


In 2018 we became the only Portuguese FOGRA partner for PSO color certification, and we are the only color consultancy ISO9001 certified company in Portugal.




If you think that you have innovative solutions for the Portuguese market, please don'™t hesitate in contacting us.


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